MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 told you about Cope Leyhew’s snow cone business last year when he was in first grade and raised $350 for his school’s art teacher to buy supplies with.

Now as a second grader, Cope knew he had to beat that somehow so this summer he made a mint selling eclipse glasses for Bellwood Discovery School.

With the help of his parents, Cope ordered some NASA-approved glasses and promoted them on Facebook.

He sold out for weeks leading up to the eclipse on Aug. 21. After the big event, he and his family counted up all the money to find he more than doubled what he made last year, taking in $800.

This year, he chose to donate to his school’s science lab teacher, Miss Greene.

“It is so refreshing to see a student care not just about himself but about every other student because every student will benefit from whatever we are able to purchase with this money,” said Greene.

“It makes me happy when I give something to the teachers. I like seeing the looks on their faces, I like it,” said Cope.

The science lab is unique because it serves every grade level so every student in the school will benefit from what Greene chooses to purchase.

Cope’s glasses were in such high-demand he had to raise the price twice, from $3.50 to $4.50 and finally $5.50.