A controversial new mural is nearing completion in downtown Manchester. 

The mural, which is on Spring Street, was painted to replace a faded painting of an American flag, according to the organizer. 

The owner of the building came to them about a month ago and asked for an updated mural.  

The city approved the request but when work began, officers showed up and claimed someone from the historic zoning commission told them to stop the painting.  

A nearby business owner and member of the historic zoning commission said the issue has since been resolved.  

“Art, especially something like this, even though it’s public, is between the building owner, the patron of the art, whoever paid for it and the artist as far as that goes. The city ordinance for murals is covered under art and there is no restrictions, as far as that goes,” said John Mancini.  

Work on the mural is expected to wrap up early next week.