Multiple police agencies seeking identity of ‘bloody bandit’


CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Police agencies from Metro Nashville to Cheatham County are looking for a reckless burglar accused of racing from business to business, breaking storefront windows and stealing whatever he can run out with.

Police said the suspect injured himself during his one-man crime spree and left a trail of bloody evidence at many of the crime scenes.

Ashland City Police Detective Bill Powers is working at least two of the burglaries that happened between August 10 and 11. Powers had multiple evidence containers on his desk that contain blood evidence.

In two metallic paint cans, he had two rocks, each with blood stains. Powers said each rock was recovered from market burglaries that occurred within minutes of each other. Powers wore gloves to show News 2 the two rocks that have pronounced blood stains on them.

“The red or brown stains are blood from the suspect. We think he injured himself at a location that he burglarized. He was bleeding the entire time. Blood was found in the businesses,” Powers said.

Powers said the suspect was not only reckless, but he was also careless entering all the establishments with his face clearly identifiable. In some of the videos, he was not wearing a shirt. In another video, his pants were sagging down to his knees as he shoved cigarettes into the pockets.

According to Detective Powers, the same suspect broke into a CBD store in Joelton. He then threw a bloody rock through the glass door at a church in Cheatham County. Powers said he stole a soundboard and pulled two televisions out of the wall creating more damage.

The area in front of the broken glass is also speckled with blood drops, presumably from the bandit.

Powers said that the thief is bleeding so badly, he was seen on surveillance footage at the Sudden Service in Pleasant View toweling the blood off his body. Powers said that was where he threw away a bloody shirt.

From that location, Powers said the bloody bandit entered Ashland City, first hitting the Auto Zone.

Bodycam footage of police arriving shows broken glass and officers talking about a bloody rock used to smash the window.

According to Powers, the thief stole $800 worth of merchandise. including a $239 battery, floor jacks, and cleaning products.

From the Auto Zone, the thief’s bloody burglary spree headed to the Highway 12 Market. Video showed the man standing outside the market and launching a rock through the glass. The shirtless man grabbed a hold of the fragmented window frame and leaped behind the counter. That’s where the video shows him trying to shove cigarettes into his pockets in pants that are almost to his knees. The man ran out of the store, dropping packs of cigarettes along the way.

According to Detective Powers the man had been driving in a stolen Volkswagen SUV out of Nashville.

As he exited Cheatham County and went to Davidson County, he stopped a the Highway 12 Motor Sports company where he threw another rock through another window. According to Powers, the thief stole keys to a 2012 Silver Ford Fusion. He reportedly transferred his stolen merchandise from the Volkswagen into the Ford.

The thief left behind big-ticket items like the Church soundboard and two stolen TVs.

Powers hopes that someone in the public will recognize the bloody bandit and call Ashland City Police. If not, he plans to submit the blood evidence to the TBI Crime Lab and try and identify him that way.

“Well we’ll be sending this off to the lab and hopefully if this person has been arrested before we’ll be able to match the blood,” Powers said.

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