MTSU student arrested for having AR-15 on campus


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A sophomore student at MTSU was arrested after a social media video showed an AR-15 on campus.

Middle Tennessee Police spokesperson says Shady Mankarious was arrested on September 6 for possession of a weapon on campus.

A September 3 Snapchat video circulated which showed two men driving around campus, the passenger had an AR-15 in his lap and ammunition in the glove box. Additionally, the rifle did not have a magazine in it at the time of the video.

The AR-15 belonged to the driver, sophomore Shady Mankarious who was arrested and charged.

Police charged Mankarious instead of the passenger because the gun belonged to him.

Both suspects say they did not plan to cause any harm with the weapon, but that was solely for safety and protection purposes.

Mankarious told police he had the gun in his car on campus the past two days.

MTSU released a statement in regards to the incident and arrest saying, “We appreciate the vigilant work by the MTSU Police Department in investigating this matter and responding promptly. Our police determined that the students did not make or pose any threats to anyone on our campus. The Office of Student Conduct was made aware of the situation immediately and has taken appropriate disciplinary actions.”

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