MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — The world will watch over the coming days as Britain mourns for their Queen.

In her record 70-year-reign, Queen Elizabeth II was able to wield so much authority in a rapidly changing world. And that’s fascinated an Middle Tennessee State University professor.

“As Americans, when we think about Britain, you know, the things that come to mind are the, you know, the Union Jack, and the guys with big black hats, and the Beefeaters and the queen, like she’s just sort of there in our imaginations. That’s what Britain is. And now we have to, we have to just adjust our thoughts there,” said Dr. Mark Doyle, MTSU.

Doyle is not only a professor of history but also an expert on the British empire and modern Britain. He has studied the queen’s impact on global affairs to understand how she was able to maneuver through a changing world and also remain unchanged.

“I think I would say, the way that she handled her position was really kind of savvy and smart. She, what’s fascinating is that she was extraordinarily good at keep playing her hand close to her chest, she, she did not let on very much what her what she was feeling what she was thinking she was very reserved. She handled the job with a sort of level of dignity and, and care and, and almost blandness,” he said.

That blandness was her strength, Doyle said. Adversaries couldn’t read her, admirers found what they were seeking in her.

“You rarely see in political life, certainly among politicians these days, that allowed people to kind of project onto her what they wanted, they could see in her a link with tradition and Britishness, they could see in her a sort of source of stability they could see in her, you know, sort of a lovable old lady who had corgis and, and spend her time with the grandkids,” he explained.

Dr. Doyle now wonders what is next for the Royal family as no doubt there will be great change.

King Charles, who has weathered his fair share of scandals and criticism, has his hands full.

“But there’s a lot more people already have a lot of opinions about him, that they’re more polarized, I think, than was the case with Elizabeth. So he’s gonna have a difficult time. And it may actually be up to the next generation to be the ones to to bring on any, any change to the to the institution, if it’s coming,” said Dr. Doyle.

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We do know what will happen during the mourning period. The public will be able to say goodbyes while the queen lies in state in Parliament’s Westminster Hall for several days. Then a state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey. The official national mourning period will end after her funeral.