MTA bus drivers soon to get green light priority along Murfreesboro Pike


There’s a new project by Nashville’s MTA and Metro Public Works that’s soon going to give public buses the green light when it comes to passing traffic.

According to the MTA, the Murfreesboro Pike Transit Signal Priority Project will mean the corridor at Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Rd will be getting the upgrade.

“As the bus approaches this red light here, at Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Rd, when the bus approaches, if it’s a green light, but it looks like it’s gonna be wrapping up and the bus needs to stay on schedule, what it will be able to do is it’ll be able to implement a green light extender,” said Amanda Clelland, MTA spokesperson.

The technology behind the green light extender is the same as the one used by first responders.

Clelland said the goal is to ease the congestion from the Hickory Hollow area into downtown Nashville by keeping bus traffic moving.

“A lot of people try to bypass the traffic by spilling onto Murfreesboro Pike to try to get around the interstate,” said Clelland. “This is a means to try to really head it off before it becomes a complete gridlock just like 24 is.”

Clelland added the intersection with the new technology to serve as a model type for future corridors.

It’ll also feature traffic light synchronization and bus only lanes so bus drivers can move faster through each intersection.

“These projects are very important,” said Clelland. “This is part of the going back to the drawing board, assessing, identifying strategic opportunities to make impactful differences with what resources we have available.”

Funding for the $14 million project comes from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

Construction will begin in mid-June and end in October.

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