Mt. Juliet mom finds needle in Halloween candy


A needle was weaved into a lifesaver gummy candy and no one knows who put it there.  

A Wilson County mother found the needle in her child’s Halloween candy after noticing the wrapper looked off.  That’s when she made the startling discovery.  

Wilson County Sheriff’s officials are sending a warning to parents to check their children’s Halloween candy before they eat it.  

When the mother made it home, she looked through every piece of candy her child was given.  Which was a good thing, because something wasn’t right with this Lifesaver gummy.  

“Once she laid them out, she had found a piece of candy where the wrapper had been altered.  She took the piece of candy out and observed a needle sticking out,” Wilson County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Moore said.  

The mother told deputies she only took her child trick or treating two places.    

The Langford Farms Subdivision on the Wilson County side of Old Hickory, Tennessee and to a Truck and Treat event on West End Avenue in Nashville.  

“It’s just a terrifying situation and it’s something that I urge all citizens out there to make sure they really take a lot of precaution to check and inspect all candy collected throughout Halloween or anything other time,” Moore said.  

Police are taking this seriously. They want to know if someone did this intentionally.  

“We live in an evil society, so I definitely wouldn’t put past that someone intentionally done it.  But it’s something that we will have to investigate,” Moore said.  

Moore has children, they are a little older now, but he still doesn’t want to think of them nor his young nephews putting a piece of candy in their mouths with a needle in it.  

“I cannot fathom what will happen or how I would feel if one of them would bite into it and it pierced their roof of the mouths or throat or something like that,” Moore said.  “Again, it’s very concerning.”  

The wrapper will be sent to the TBI where an analysis will be done on it.    

Wilson County Sheriff’s detectives will be contacting Metro-Nashville Police about the location of West End Avenue where the mother said she took her child to collect candy. 

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