MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – As flood waters rose over the weekend, so did the uncertainty of what was left underneath it.

On Monday, groundskeepers and city officials surveyed the damage at the Mt. Juliet Little League Ball Park.

“It’s amazing, nature’s force,” said groundskeeper from Fescue Flats, Todd Prince. “Took anywhere from two to four inches of the dirt off the field. The bases actually stick up above the dirt, so all the fields will have to be rebuilt.”

Prince is part of the grounds-keeping crew that takes care of the 13 fields at the park.

“On this field, field four, there was a bleacher from field three that actually floated over and now sits in the middle of the field.”

Mt. Juliet Vice-Mayor and District 1 Commissioner, Ray Justice, says this park is home to more than a thousand youth players who had just begun their spring season.

“I love this park and the community loves the park. The children that it’s helped, we’ve had kids go on to play Pro ball out of this park,” said Justice.

The park is located in a floodplain.

“We knew it going in and my parents knew it in 1968 when they built this place, so we got a lot of experience in rebuilding. More experience than I ever wanted to have.”

Justice said in 2010… it took 14 days to rebuild and with the help of the community, he believes it can be even quicker this time.

“This is not our first rodeo, but what’s going to happen is, we always expect to happen, and it’s never failed us before. Mt. Juliet the community will step up and we will get it done. We’ll be back on the fields, we’ll have our kids out here playing very soon,” he said.

According to Justice, the city provides some funding for the field, but it is mainly funded by donations. A GoFundMe page has been set up to receive donations toward rebuilding the park.