Mt. Juliet Grandfather rescued from rubble, praises officers as heroes


MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Mt. Juliet family says they are forever indebted to officers who saved their loved one following the deadly tornado. 
A 76-year-old grandfather on Fairfield Drive was rescued from his garage after being pinned between 2 cars and buried in debris. 
Fred Weyler says he may have blacked out as the garage tumbled on top of him, but one thing he won’t forget is the name on a badge as he was pulled to safety. 
“I’m terrible about names, but I certainly remember his name on his uniform,” Fred Weyler says of Mt. Juliet police officer Dyer. 
It was dark and silent as Weyler prayed in disbelief buried in the rubble, but soon there was light as officers pulled him to safety. 
“I would have to call them heroes. Somebody said we will get him and climbed up through the debris and found a hole above me and they started moving some stuff and clearing to where one of them could get down to the space between the cars,” he said as they freed him from the rubble. 
The family says they will forever be in debt to Mt Juliet’s men in blue. 
“Pulling people out of debris, saving my dad, they are Mt Juliet’s finest and I can’t say how thankful I am for them and what they’ve done for my family,” Fred’s daughter Ginny Newell told News 2. 
Today an American flag is all that remains on the property that once held a two-story brick home. The family said it represents pride, inspiration and the fact that they weren’t defeated. 

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