Mother praises car seat installation checkup after near head-on collision

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A young mother remembered some advice and it potentially saved her daughter’s life.

A nurse told Mindy Baker that if she ever had a question about her car seat, to go to a hospital or a fire department because they know how to make sure car seats are installed properly.

The straps on Baker’s daughter’s car seat were a little too loose and both she and her mother could not get them to tighten. That’s when she remembered that advice she had gotten a few years earlier.

After a phone call to the Springfield Fire Department at 9:30 p.m. Saturday they were on their way to get Mya, Mindy’s daughter, properly secured.

“They tightened it as much as they could, put her back and the seat, and after just a few minor adjustments that had it tightened,” Baker said.

It just a little bit down the road that Baker and her daughter saw something all drivers fear – a car headed right for them.

“Right after I got into Millersville a car came across all four lanes of traffic got in my lane and came at me head on,” she said.

Baker slammed on her brakes. Luckily, the car coming at them swerved at the last second and didn’t hit her and Mya or anyone else. Once everyone came to a stop she realized how important getting her car seat properly secured meant.

“I’m slamming on my breaks and slamming on my horn,” she said. “If Maya’s car seat had not been in properly she would’ve slid right out of that car seat.”

When they stopped, Baker turned around and asked Mya if she was OK.

“She said, ‘that was scary mommy,’ and I couldn’t help but think how glad she said that and not, ‘I’m hurt mommy.”’

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