Mother of Waffle House victim says “more urgency” needed about gun violence


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A mother who lost her son in Nashville’s Waffle House shootings says she wants “more urgency” about gun violence.

Shaundelle Brooks was among several dozen people at a wide-ranging two hour Capitol Hill round table addressing the issue Tuesday.

“I know what the effects are of gun violence. I know how it has affected my family,” she told reporters afterward.

She wore a button with a picture of her son Akilah.

He was among four people murdered at a Nashville Waffle House in the spring of 2018.

Shaundelle Brooks listened to members of the roundtable calling gun violence “a public health threat” and “epidemic,” but as someone who has lived it, what would she suggest to lawmakers?

“I just want to see more urgency in fixing and dealing with gun violence,” added Brooks.  “We can talk about the issues and the problems all day long but what are we going to do about them?”

There were many other voices at the roundtable like an emergency room doctor sadly describing some the 200-gunshot cases treated yearly at Nashville’s Skyline Medical Center–many in what’s called a quiet room.

“The screams and wails that I hear in this quiet room forever haunt me, but I change the lives of everyone in that quiet room forever when I tell them their loved ones are dead,” said Dr. Katrina Green.

All at the roundtable heard a wide array of statistics from a report by the Safe Tennessee Project looking at how the state ranks high in gun violence, but most in this room know gun regulation laws are often difficult to pass.

It is of no consolation to the mother who’s lost a son to gun violence.

“I know what the families are feeling. I know what the moms are going through. I know what the after-effects are and it does not feel good,” said the mother of Akilah Dasilva.

The full report of the Safe Tennessee Project is on our website.

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