NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The mother of a woman set to be married in April has filed a small claims lawsuit against Premier Party Planning, LLC’s owner Angela Warfield-Nevils.

Nicole Woods’ daughter Jasmine is a co-plaintiff in the suit that asks for a total of $3,753.06.

That total includes $1,900 for the unavailability of the venue that Premier Planning owns and $203.06, the cost of reprinting invitations to update the reception location.

Woods is also asking for the cost difference of replacing the reception venue and catering, which is $1,550.00.

The mother and daughter also want reimbursement of $100 for hiring a private investigator to find the physical address of Warfield-Nevils so she could be serviced with the civil lawsuit.

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News 2 talked to Nicole Woods on Thursday. She said she hired Premier Party Planning after looking at several wedding planners online.

“We talked to a number of vendors,” she said. “What won us over about Premier Party Planning was the budget-friendly nature of the packages.”

She continued, “We thought this was something perfect and she was very reassuring because she had been doing this for a number of years.”RELATED: Nashville wedding planner advises brides to do research

But then Woods told News 2 that communication with Warfield-Nevils started to slowly fall off.

“We had nailed her down and got a date to do a food tasting in January,” Wood said. “Before that date all the sudden we get a text message the venue is no longer available.”

Woods said at that point she and her daughter decided to find their own venue. They asked for a refund plus a reimbursement for the cost of invitations already printed with the original venue’s address.

“In that two-week period, she stopped answering phone calls and she stopped answering texts,” Woods said. “I sent her a certified letter which she did not get to the post office to pick up.”

She continued, “I hired a private investigator so I could have a good address to have her served, then I went to the court and filed a small claims suit.”

News 2 called the number on the Premier Party Planning website to see if Warfield-Nevils was still taking clients.

A News 2 producer asked if they were taking new clients; the woman who answered said no.

Then Warfield Nevils called back and spoke to Reporter Joseph Pleasant. She said she was limited in what she could say about the situation on advice of her attorney.

Warfield-Nevils said she was renovating her venue, but the contractor did not complete the work and did not refund her money.

She said that is why the venue had to be changed for the weddings she booked and why she could not immediately refund the money to some of her clients.

Warfield-Nevils also said refunds would be on a case-by-case basis because she did more work for some clients than for others.

Warfield-Nevils told News 2 she is working with her attorney to file for bankruptcy and could not comment further.

Meanwhile, Woods is moving forward with her daughter’s wedding. They found a new venue and caterer for the occasion.