Montgomery County commissioner wants mandatory microchipping for shelter animals


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) Thousands of stray animals cycle through Tennessee’s animal shelters every year. Now there’s a new idea to hold owners accountable.

This week, Montgomery County Commissioner, Chris Rasnic presented an idea to the area’s state representatives that would help track animals that enter and leave the state’s animal shelters.

To read the proposal click here (see page 14).

Dave Kaske, Director of Montgomery County Animal Care and Control, told News 2 that it’s a good idea,

“A lot of times accidents happen – pets get loose, but we want the pet to go back where it belongs, back to the owner.”

According to an agenda posted on the Montgomery County government website, the bill would require animals entering or leaving a shelter to be microchipped.

Kaske added that caring for stray animals can cost up to $25.00 to $30.00 a day,

“It’s a financial strain for the Department because our budget is based on the number of animals we take in, in a year.”

In 2018, Montgomery County passed an ordinance for mandatory microchippping.

Kaske said the ordinance has helped them return animals. He said he believes it would help other shelters do the same. He added that microchipping also saves people money,

“You know an owner that has a dog or cat that’s microchipped, that’s returned to them in the field, could save anywhere from $150 to $300 dollars every time that pet gets loose.”

State representatives will have between now through January to decide what they present to the full legislative body.

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