Mom’s South Nashville apartment riddled with dozen of bullets


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A woman and eight children were woken up by gunshots shattering the windows Friday night.

Nearly two dozen bullets fired into the apartment in the J.C. Napier housing complex on Murfreesboro Pike.

Dozens of bullets riddled Keshawna Morton’s apartment just before midnight Friday.

“I didn’t even think somebody was shooting into my house until I felt the glass shatter all over my body, that’s what made me jump up, ’cause I’m like ‘Okay, they just shooting outside,’ but then when the glass shattering that’s when I notice that these bullets are coming in my house,” said Morton.

Morton and a few family members were sleeping in the living room

“I was on my living room floor asleep, I had two children on my couch in front of the window, my twenty-year-old sister and my one-year-old son was asleep on one couch, and my ten-year-old cousin was on another couch.”

Her 8-year-old son was having a birthday sleepover with two friends upstairs.

“This is the kids room, this is where they was at, there was glass all over the bed.”

One bullet went through the kids’ window and more than a dozen through her kitchen window, hitting the fridge and cabinets.

“There’s a bullet hole in the inside, it went through and hit the wall. It.. it came out the …. I think you can see it.”

Several other rounds fired into the living room on the backside of the apartment.

“The police was saying they think it was like more than two shooters.”

The only injury was to a 6-year-old who may have been hit by glass in the back of his neck.

“The kids that was upstairs, they were on the phones on the floor, they had the chargers, I guess the charger wouldn’t reach the bed, so that’s what saved them cause they was on floor charging the phones, playing on the phones, and then us down here were already laying down, so I guess it was just a miracle I guess.”

Morton and her five children have lived in the JC Napier affordable housing off Murfreesboro Pike for ten months.

“As for as who did it, I don’t know, I don’t understand why they would do it, it was kids all day running around. Whoever did it, knew there was kids in this house.”

Morton says her apartment was the only one that got hit with bullets. She thinks it may have been a mix-up.

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