Moms rally to donate breast milk for baby in Amish buggy crash


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A tragic crash in Lawrence County leaves a family in need of breast milk. 

The Gingerich family of three was traveling on Highway 43 when the Tennessee Highway Patrol says their buggy was struck by a vehicle, Saturday night.  

The couple identified as 24-year-old Henry and 23-year-old Caroline Gingerich are still recovering in the hospital in stable condition.  

Friends of the family say their 4-month-old baby girl was treated and released, left with only a few scratches.  

The baby is now back in Lawrence County where the community is working together to keep her healthy.    

“She was very dehydrated, very sore, didn’t want anything in her mouth,” Certified Midwife Stacie Hunt told News 2.  

Hunt, who helped bring the baby girl into the world, was called in to assess her condition following the crash, as she says the baby wasn’t eating.  

“She was exclusively breastfed, had never had a bottle, had never had a pacifier, had never had formula so this was really, really hard for her,” Hunt explained.  

She called on mothers in the community asking for breast milk donations and she says around 50 women responded to the call for help.  

“It was huge, it was huge. We had almost 15-hundred ounces in a little less than 24 hours and since we’ve probably almost doubled that with some that’s still coming in,” she said.    

Jaden Bunn who is a friend of the family is collecting breast milk for them as well.  

“They are amazing people,” Bunn explained.    

She posted an update on Gingerich’s condition on Facebook, noting that they needed breast milk and word spread to moms all across the country.  

“It ended up getting shared way more than I expected, which is great because it got a ton of milk to them and it spread it further so it was great the community did step up,” Bunn told News 2.    

She said mothers form multiple states, as far as New York have reached out. 

“I never thought so many people would be kind enough to donate breast milk from themselves,” she explained.  

As the Gingerich’s continue to recover, the community is asking for prayers to reunite the couple with their baby.  

“It’s very tragic This is a huge set back for them. They are going to have to bring in lots of members of the community to help here and help with the baby and we are about to come up on springtime which will be gardening and planting and things like that so it’s going to take a really big community effort,” said Hunt.    

Rickey Burleson was taken into custody at the scene. He is facing 3 counts of vehicular assault and DUI charges. 

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