Moms honor their sons through gun violence awareness rally in Clarksville


On Friday, a gun violence awareness rally was held by a group of moms in Clarksville. 

June 7 marks the nationwide Gun Violence Awareness Day. The day is meant honor victims and survivors of gun violence. 

The four mothers at the rally, had each lost a son to gun violence; some of the moms, are still seeking justice in their sons’ cases. 

Carmen Caratini’s son, Frankie, was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex off Chapel Road in Clarksville on August 14, 2014. No one has been arrested. 

“We’re waiting for justice for my son and I’m not going to stop till the day I die.” said his mother. 

Jessenia Mercado’s son, Adam Marquez, was just 19 when he was killed. A man was arrested and charged in his death. 

“He wasn’t able to get married, have a child …because someone was selfish and took a life.” said Mercado. 

Meanwhile, the mom of 20-year-old Darius Walton, is still hopeful for an arrest in her son’s case. 

The Clarksville moms said their similar situations keeps them advocating for tougher sentencing and an end to the violence. 

“If you took a life, you’re in jail for life. I don’t want you to get the death penalty, that’s too easy.” said Mercado 

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