NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This week Metro Police made a second arrest in the shooting death of an 18-year-old in East Nashville.

On Wednesday, officers arrested and charged 17-year-old Jeroy Green II with criminal homicide in Sept. 28 death of Samuel “Jordan” Calvert on Rosdale Avenue.

In October, Brian Thompson, 15, was charged in the case.

Barbara Portwood raised Calvert and considered him as a son. She spoke to News 2 about the arrests saying,

“How did we get to this point where our babies are out killing each other? And it’s not adults, these are babies.”

Data from the Davidson County Juvenile Court shows fewer kids have been getting arrested in Nashville over the past six years. Data from the first seven months of 2019 shows an increase in homicides and attempted homicides from juveniles, compared to 2018.

Portwood blames systematic leniencey,

“We need to discipline our children and let them know, if you do this act – you’re going to pay for it.”

Metro police say when Calvert was shot, DCS was supposed to be tracking one of the suspects with an ankle monitor.
Instead, police say the monitor wasn’t charged for weeks and DCS never reported it.

Portwood says families left behind pay the price,

“I have a box, with ashes in it. That’s what them boys took from me, they took my baby and I ended up with a box.”