Mom credits prayers for ‘miracle’ baby’s recovery from Wayne County crash


A Wayne County family is saying their baby is a miracle.

Zander Horton, also known as “Baby Z,” was critically injured in a car crash. 

News 2’s Stephanie Langston spoke with his mother while they were at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. At the time, they didn’t know if he was going to survive.

Baby Z is now home.

As Cayla Horton kissed her baby on the head and held him in her arms, she talked about how simply holding him was a moment she didn’t know if she would have again. 

“We had very little hope that we would get to see him open his eyes, be able to drink a bottle, you know move around at all and now look at him sitting here sucking. He’s my miracle, he is my miracle,” Horton said with a smile. 

Just over a month ago, Horton told News 2 she was driving home on Lawrenceburg Highway with Zander in the back seat when she says a Freightliner rear-ended them, flipping her Jeep over the median. 

A brain bleed landed Zander at Vanderbilt for the next 28 days where doctors tried everything to keep him alive.

“They were at their wit’s end, and so were we. They had done all they could, and I just told them, ‘You know we are going to keep praying.’”

Horton admitted there were days she thought might be Zander’s last. 

“There was a lot of those days. There was a lot of nights where I sit there and cried, but I kept having this faith,” she said.  

As prayers poured in from all over the world, she told News 2 slowly Zander’s brain stopped bleeding. 

“He had prayers coming from everywhere, thank goodness for prayers,” she said. 

Mother’s Day brought one of her greatest blessings – Baby Z opened his eyes. 

“That was the best gift you could give anybody that’s a mom.” 

With his mother’s touch Zander kept improving. 

“When he was still incubated they let me hold him and after that, it was just improvement, improvement, improvement,” Horton recalled. 

On Saturday the baby boy got to go home. 

“It’s just, it’s amazing watching a miracle right in front of your eyes. It really is. I know God had a plan for him, and he’s still here and his plan is still working.”

Horton is still asking for prayers as Zander still has swelling in some parts of his brain that are being monitored. 

He is doing regular physical and occupational therapy and taking seizure medication. Horton says she hopes Baby Z will get his neck brace off in July. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family.

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