MNPD: Nearly 400 guns stolen from cars so far this year


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Police are seeing a disturbing trend of guns being stolen from car break-ins.  

So far this year, around 400 guns have been stolen from cars in Nashville. Since 2015, nearly 3,000 guns have been taken from cars.  

“A lot of times when we go out to do those reports, we’re finding that there’s no evidence that the car was locked,” East Precinct Community Affairs Sgt. Michael Fisher said. “So there’s no signs of forced entry for them to get inside and get a firearm. And then obviously, it’s not like those guns are coming back to us, they’re going to be use in other crimes.” 

Nashville residents say they hope if their neighbors travel with firearms in their cars, they’ll be mindful of not leaving them in their car unattended.  

“If they’re responsible enough to own a gun, or are supposed to be responsible enough, they ought to be responsible enough to keep their gun in their house under lock and key,” East Nashville resident Kay Blalock said.  

East Nashville is one of many areas police have seen an uptick in car break ins. Neighbors say they’re taking extra precautions and double checking their cars to make sure they’re locked.  

“I definitely take precautions,” East Nashville resident Faith Salmon said. “If it doesn’t fit in our driveway and we park in the street [we] always make sure its locked because I feel like those nights that we haven’t and we’ve left it accidentally unlocked someone’s been through it.”  

Police say unlocked cars are only part of the problem. They say they’re also seeing more windows broken out and valuables being taken.  

“We’re seeing a lot more cars where they’re busting out the windows, too,” Sgt. Fisher said. “So these are cars that have been locked. But typically, like from a historical perspective, a lot of those cars when a window was busted out was because there was a laptop in the seat or a purse or something right there.” 

Police say many of these break ins are being caused by juveniles and typically happen overnight. Right now, police are working to locate these suspects and bring charges to discourage others from committing similar crimes. 

Anyone with information about a car theft or burglary can call Nashville Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME. 

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