Middle Tennessee tornado victim gives back to community that helped him


LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Giving thanks is taking on a whole new meaning in 2020.

From the devastating March 3 tornado, to the crippling coronavirus, it’s been far from an easy year.

Even so, Ben Reid is working through loss, spreading love instead.

The Reid family’s Mt. Juliet home was badly damaged in March– hit by the tornado. His family-friend lost their daughter in Putnam County following the tornado there and on Thanksgiving, Reid is thankful is family is alive.

“It’s been a crazy year,” Reid said. “It was maybe 20-30 seconds until we got into the closet it came through.”

Reid, his wife and two kids are now staying at his mother-in-laws home in Hermitage and thanks to MJ4Hope the Reid’s should be moved back in before the new year.

This Thanksgiving, they’re giving thanks to a new friend who’s been helping them re-build their home. It’s quite a coincidence, actually, as Ron Baines doesn’t own a home of his own.

“I was going down the road one day and he was working on his home and I stopped and asked if he needed help and he got me to help, he’s a blessing from the Lord.”

Baines is experiencing homelessness and is paid by Reid to work on the home.

“I ain’t got a home myself and it’s hard on me, but I got the lord and good people like him [Reid] and his family everyone else and I just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Ron.

News 2 caught up with Baines and Reid at the Lebanon Cracker Barrel where Reid was treating Baines to a Thanksgiving meal.

“I believe God puts us here for a purpose, he puts us here to help people,” Reid said. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Despite the tough year, it looks like these two are receiving more than they ever had before.

“I’ll make it sooner or later,” Baines said.

They received a new friendship and hope.

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