Metro Taskforce has already arrested 22 juveniles, seized 10 guns this year


One year ago this month the Metro Police Department created the Juvenile Crime Taskforce. 

So far this year, the Taskforce has arrested 22 juveniles on 36 felony charges and 30 misdemeanors.  

They also confiscated 19 firearms and recovered 30 stolen cars. 

During all of 2018, they made 245 juvenile arrests, including four 12-year-olds, fourteen 13-year-olds, and 21 14-year-olds. 

The Taskforce also seized 187 firearms and recovered 158 stolen cars. 

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron says everyone can help prevent crime by keeping cars locked and guns stored away. 

“Thieves know that people are leaving their vehicles with keys around. The thieves know to look inside to see what might be laying around. Whether it’s a computer, whether it’s a gun, or whatever. There’s a lot of things Nashvillians can do to protect themselves and to protect all of us from these types of situations,” said Aaron. 

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