Videos of porch pirates pop up often on social media, but Metro Police say they need people to do more. 

Some people are confused, sometimes they’ll call into the tip line saying this happened to me….such as, ‘My car got broken into…my package got stolen….’ thinking that’s the police report. So they actually need to make a police report. said Commander David Imhof of the Metro East Police Precinct. 

On Monday, Sarah Milkie, an Inglewood resident, had almost a grand in packages taken from her front porch. 

Milkie has two surveillance cameras on her front porch. One camera captured video of two men running to the porch to steal the packages. 

As the men ran away, her neighbor took a photo of a black SUV speeding away. 

They were so greedy trying to pick up these packages all at once, said Milkie 

Commander Imhof says in addition to filing a police report, victims also should consider making it known that they have a surveillance system. 

If you have an alarm system…. advertise you have an alarm system. If you have a dog, no matter if you do or don’t, advertise you have a dog. If you have a camera, put something up that you have a camera… and that you’re being watched. 

Milkie filed a police a report and for the future, plans to have her packages delivered elsewhere. 

It’s sad I think the only way to stop them is not have packages on your porch. said Milkie.  

To file a police report call Metro Police’s non-emergency line at, 615-862-8600. If you have any details about the thieves in Milkie’s case, you’re asked to contact Nashville Crimestoppers at 614-74-CRIME