Metro police looks to add more women officers to force


The Metro-Nashville Police Department is looking for a few good men, and especially women. 

A new recruitment video from MNPD targets females on the force. 

A day in the life of a female officer is what Metro police say they are trying to portray in their new recruitment video. 

“The goal of the video was to speak to women or to speak to anybody that ever thought law enforcement would be neat, but they didn’t have what it might take to be a law enforcement officer,” Commander Kay Lokey explained.  

She said she was once one of those people, but with a little encouragement from her sister, she earned what it takes to wear a badge. 

“She convinced me. Just told me, ‘What do you have to lose? Go out there and fill out the application.’ Six months later, I was in the academy; almost 23 years later I’m the commander of a precinct. It’s amazing what can happen with just a little encouragement.” 

The department is nearly 100 officers away from their full authorized strength. 

“We are always hiring, always trying to fill that need for more officers.” 

However, their eyes are really on women joining the force. 

“This is a unique time in law enforcement. We have kind of changed how we address crime, how we work with and within our communities and the skills that you need for this type of opportunity is to be a critical thinker, a decision maker and someone who can communicate and women come with these skills,” Commander Lokey explained. 

There are 1,511 officers on staff and only 131 are females, according to MNPD. 

“You know, it’s not always about chasing bad guys, it’s about helping people. It’s about getting involved, figuring out what the root cause is, and trying to make that problem a less problem for individuals,” said Commander Lokey. 

With more than two decades of experience under her belt, Commander Lokey knows first-hand just how rewarding the job can be. 

“You know it’s unique. When you receive a call for service and someone is asking for help it means that they couldn’t go to anyone else, that you at that particular time is the person that can help them. That’s a tremendous responsibility. It’s an opportunity to give back, it’s an opportunity to make your community safe. You always want people to thrive and live in good conditions and you can be part of that process, it’s phenomenal.” 

On Saturday, there will be a Metro-Nashville Public Safety Career Fair.  They are looking for candidates for police, fire and emergency communications departments; for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, as well as for Metro-Nashville Airport Authority and Metro Parks police. 

The event is slated for 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday at Midtown Precinct. 

For more information contact Tam Gordon via e-mail at or call 615-862-6403

You can also apply online.

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