Metro police initially went to wrong Waffle House during shooting


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An internal investigation is underway at the Nashville Emergency Communications Center after the mass shooting at the Waffle House in Antioch that left four people dead. 

Police dispatchers initially sent police officers to the wrong Waffle House location.

It took time for 911 dispatch to give police officers the correct location for the Waffle House shooting.

According to a timeline sent to News 2 by Metro Police, the initial dispatch was sent to police officers at the Hermitage precinct at 3:26 a.m. 

Hermitage all cars especially 531, 510. 52 Waffle House. 816 Murfreesboro Pike. 8-1-6 Murfreesboro Pike across from I-24. Said someone is shot. Units respond Hermitage. 3:26.

816 Murfreesboro Pike is the address for the Waffle House in South Nashville. That is the wrong location. It is 8.7 miles away from where the shooting was taking place inside the Waffle House at 3517 Murfreesboro Pike. 

One minute and 25 seconds later at 3:27:25 a.m. dispatch corrected the address for the Hermitage officers.

We’re being advised that this is not the Waffle House at 816,” the dispatcher told the officers. “That it’s going to be the one at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike. Um, it’s in South but just keep going to 816 just to verify please 

Twenty seconds later, a Hermitage police officer cleared the scene at 816 Murfreesboro Pike. 

This is 52-74. I’m 97 at the one on Spence. It is not going to be this location

At 3:28 a.m., two minutes after the initial dispatch went out, a new call was placed to police officers in the South precinct. 

The one at South at 3571 Murfreesboro cross of Pinhook. We’re being advised that a nude male white has shot multiple people 

According to Metro Police, officers were on the scene of the Waffle House shooting at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike at 3:32 a.m.

Michelle Peterson is the Deputy Director of Support Services for the Nashville Emergency Communications Center (ECC). She denied our request for an on-camera interview but told News 2 over the phone what happened. 

Peterson says the person who called 911 was on a cell phone, and said they were at the Waffle House on Murfreesboro Pike but didn’t know the address. The exact location of the cell phone could not be immediately pinpointed.  

She says dispatchers had to act fast and sent police to the location they were familiar with, which was the 816 Murfreesboro Pike location. 

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner says the Waffle House at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike has only been open since November. He told News 2 he was unaware police had been initially dispatched to the wrong Waffle House and did not have a comment.

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