NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An attempted car-jacking at a Kwik Sak gas station on Gallatin Pike Tuesday night turned deadly, but Metro police didn’t know it until Wednesday.

Police said a 28-year-old man went inside the convenience store Tuesday night and left his unlocked Ford Taurus running in the parking lot. When that man saw a teen about to drive away in his car, Metro police reported he ran outside and jumped onto the moving vehicle.

According to police, 20-year-old Jaden Webb was in the driver’s seat of the Taurus.

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  • Gallatin Pike Kwik Sak
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“There was a little bit of a tussle while he (the Taurus owner) was hanging onto the car and was dragged a short way,” Metro Police spokesperson, Brooke Reese, said.

As Webb attempted driving away, he ran into the stolen SUV that he’d arrived at the Kwik Sak in. A second suspect, a 19-year-old man, was inside the SUV.

Metro police reported the 19-year-old got out of the SUV and kicked the owner of the Ford Taurus, who in return shot the teenager. The teen then fled the scene.

The owner of the Taurus held Webb at gunpoint until police arrived.

It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that police located the body of the 19-year-old behind a food truck parked at the gas station.

“Officers attempted to locate that suspect (Tuesday night) but were unsuccessful because of the dark conditions and the foliage and brush that was behind the store. So this morning, in the daylight, someone that was a customer of the taco truck was able to see and spot the body and alert the convenience store to call police,” Reese said.

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Detectives will be talking further with the attempted car theft victim who fired the shot as part of the death investigation. No charges have been filed against him.

Webb is charged with auto theft, aggravated assault, possession of burglary tools, evading arrest and resisting arrest. He remains in jail on a $40,000 bond.

The 19-year-old has not yet been identified.