Metro officer dragged down Broadway by four-wheeler has returned to work

Metro officer dragged by 4 wheeler

A police officer who was dragged down Broadway while trying to stop a group of ATV and dirt bike riders is back at work on light duty and talking about the incident.. 

Sgt. John Bourque was working traffic during the SEC tournament on Saturday when the ATVs showed up on lower Broadway. He gave his account of what happened. 

He said he was trying to catch up to an ATV that had crashed into a car but never stopped. As he got close, that ATV got away.  

He said another ATV hit him head-on in the chest.and took him by surprise.

Bourque says, “I tried to push myself away and move to get out of the way. He continued to accelerate and push me back. I’m trying to move right. Remember it took just a few seconds.” 

“I felt like I was being pulled underneath. So I grabbed the handlebars.  My thought was how do I get off.”

Video of the incident shows Sgt. Bourque holding on to the ATV as the driver raced down the street.  Bourque was thrown off the vehicle and slammed into a barricade. The video shows bystanders rushing to help him. 

The incident took place as an estimated 100 riders took over the street, weaving in and out of traffic, popping wheelies during an illegal ride. 

Bourque was treated for injuries at Vanderbilt and released. He said, “I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a speedy recovery.”

He also thanked the many people who sent emails, calls and texts filled with good wishes.

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Police spokesman Don Aaron said some 50 Crime Stopper tips have come in to help police find the ATV driver who hit Bourque. He urged people to call police if they see a truck or trailer carrying ATVs or dirt bikes. Police believe some of the people involved in the illegal ride last weekend were from outside Nashville.  

Police released a photo of a possible suspect. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 615-75-CRIME. 

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