NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Nashville Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry continues to recover after testing positive for COVID19.

“I’ve had everything from headaches …terrible headaches to body aches. I’ve felt a loss of taste buds and smell. I don’t have much of an appetite. Yesterday was a pretty good day, my temperature came down under a 100 and then it went back up this morning to almost a 102. It is a very tough illness.”

On Friday, Gentry learned that he tested positive for COVID19. He self-quarantined following the onset of his symptoms.

He emphasized that he is optimistic for a full recovery but hopes others take safety precautions to protect themselves and the most vulnerable.”

“I’m okay. I’m going to be okay but what about all the people that don’t have healthcare, and homeless people that can’t make these decisions [to seek medical help] if they start going south.” said Gentry. “A lot of people are dying because they have no chance …they are dying because they can’t get the help they need.”