Metro finance director presents ‘hopeful’ plan to balance $40 million budget hole


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The man tasked with getting Nashville out of a $40-million budget hole presented his plan to Metro Council, Wednesday.  

“At no time in recent memory has the comptroller had to pay Nashville a visit, and say essentially, you need to get your house in order,” said Metro Finance Director, Kevin Crumbo. 

But the state had to do that in early November.  Enter Kevin Crumbo.  

His plan has been approved by the comptroller. It prioritizes funding essential services like police, in place of economic development. The city also wants to avoid layoffs.  

“Without an approved budget and without one that has (more than) $41 million in it to be accounted for, our employees can’t be assured they’re going to get a paycheck,” Crumbo said.

Wednesday’s meeting was about how and where that money is going to come from. The list is long and more optimistic than definitive.

“These are hopeful items,” said Crumbo. “They have risk associated with them. We hope they’re recurring, we hope they’re in the amount we have there.”  

Crumbo outlined money from the Music City Center and Water Services. There could be money if MDHA refinances loans.  

Possible reimbursements from the Convention and Visitors Corp and a hold on grant money that funds affordable housing are also listed as intended revenue sources.

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