Metro council selects 4 more members for Community Oversight Board


Nashville metro council continued the selection process for the city’s first police oversight board, Tuesday night. 

The votes were cast in a series of phases. Phase one included several rounds. By the end of it, four new members were elected. In this initial phase, the council elected four people who live in economically distressed parts of Nashville. 

Jamel Campbell-Gooch and Ashlee Davis were the first two voted-in Tuesday. Campbell-Gooch works with Gideon’s Army on youth justice. Davis has experience in civil rights work under the Obama Administration and Department of Agriculture. 

“I’ve seen it on both sides of the track, I keep one foot in each space,” said Davis “I realize I’ve got to keep my eyes open so I’m looking forward to listening, but also lending an ear to those who sometimes feel voiceless.” 

“Ideally the board should be a place where power is shared, where there’s power with relationships,” Campbell-Gooch said.  “It should be relationship driven. I can’t say it enough.” 

Andres Martinez and Brenda Ross were the third and fourth candidates voted to the board. Martinez has worked with Conexion Americas, a non-profit serving the Latino community. Ross is a community activist who’s worked closely with metro police for several years. 

Council deliberated into the night, looking to add the remaining five people to the 11-member board.  

The city hopes to have the board functional and operating by late March. 

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