Metro Council member warns others after his wife’s locked car was targeted by burglars


A Metro Council Member is warning others, after his wife’s locked car, was broken into. 

Councilman At-Large Bob Mendes told News 2 that the burglary happened on Friday morning when his wife went hiking at Percy Warner Park.

“She left a locked car…she came back to a locked car….nothing was messed up in the car,” said Mendes 

He said it wasn’t until his wife received alerts from their bank, about possible fraudlent charges, that they realized the crime had happened. 

“They stole two cards. They tried a $3,300 dollar purchase at Best Buy with the American Express card. And two thousand dollar purchases on her debit card.” 

Surveillance footage from another car in the parking lot showed how the thieves broke in.

For several minutes, one man in the video uses a tool until the locked car door opens. 

“I assume that they were manually overpowering the lock mechanism.” 

Councilman Mendes said he and his wife have filed a police report and encourage others to avoid leaving belongings inside the car. 

“I mean who hasn’t hidden something in their car, for just a short period of time, and locked their doors?” Mendes added. 

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