Metro Council calls for change to 911 policy following Waffle House shooting


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) — A family who lost a loved one in the Antioch Waffle House shooting blamed a mistake made by dispatchers for his death. They initially sent police to the Wrong Waffle house, and on Tuesday Metro Council called for change.

A lawsuit claims dispatchers sent first responders to the wrong Waffle House because they ignored the caller’s phone location.

Council member Tanaka Vercher sponsored a resolution that requested 911 dispatch adopt a new policy in regards to call takers not ignoring a phone’s GPS coordinates.

“We owe it to the community to ensure that there’s proper checks and balances as it relates to them delivering overall safety protocols for the city, and overall for the citizens,” said Vercher.

The resolution also urges that Metro Law quickly settle a lawsuit with the victim’s family. Those in opposition questioned the precedent it would set for present and future litigation.

“We as a council are being asked here to take a position on a very serious matter and weigh in on a matter of fact that has tremendous legal implications without evaluating a single piece of evidence,” Council member Pulley.

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