Metro Codes confident buildings can be restored after damage from Christmas Day bombing


Downtown Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) – It has been nearly one month since the Christmas day bombing in Downtown Nashville. The blast destroyed more than 40 homes and businesses on 2nd Avenue.

In the days following the explosion, Metro Codes released a report stating a number of the buildings on 2nd Avenue were in danger of collapsing or collapsing more. Since then, city leaders say after going inside and examining the conditions of the buildings

“I have been inside each of those buildings. Myself along with our engineer on an articulated lift, so I’ve been up inside, seen all the floors, seen the roof, along with our engineer. It’s our firm opinion that every one of these buildings can be rehabilitated,” explained Bill Herbert, Director of Metro Codes.

As businesses surrounding the blast zone are slowly opening back up, many are worried about maintaining the historic charm that has sat at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Commerce for decades.

“So, while a couple of buildings like the front vosad is gone, it’s our firm opinion that they can be reconstructed. The sides of these buildings are remarkably stable, and the rears, save one, are in remarkably good shape,” said Herbert.

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