Men accused of stealing, cashing checks from Gallatin businessman

Gallatin police have arrest warrants out for three men who are all charged with theft, forgery and criminal simulation.  

The men, according to police, are accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a Gallatin businessman’s checking account.  

It all started in late October when the trio allegedly broke into a seasonal business and stole checks. The men then reportedly wrote checks to themselves.  

“During the course of the investigation it was determined he was also missing a checkbook which those checks were stolen from,” explained Bill Storment with Gallatin police.  

The thieves though, police said, left behind plenty of clues.  

Gallatin police showed News 2 video from check cashing places in Dickson, Nashville and Gallatin.  

Police said while the men in the video may be hard to identify, they know exactly who they are since check cashing places take photos and ask customers for their Tennessee driver’s license.  

Police said the men happily supplied the information and even smiled for their pictures.  

“The suspects used their own personal ID to cash these checks, which is quite beneficial to us that we have some not so bright criminals that help us in our investigation to ID them,” Storment said.  

Thanks to the men, identified as Jesse Luna, Stacy Luna and Frederick Searby, police have issued warrants for their arrests.  

“Video is a big friend of the police department, but in this case, they went a step further and gave us the identification by using it when they cashed the checks,” Storment said. 

Stacy Luna has since been taken into custody and is in the Dickson County jail for unrelated charges. The two other men remain at large.  

Anyone with information on the other two men’s whereabouts is urged to call Gallatin police at 615-452-1313.  

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