Metro Police are still looking for the person who gunned down an 18-year old student at a stop light on Dickerson Road Thursday night

The victim was a McGavock High School student.  

He was a football player and was part of the Kappa League mentoring program and had a promising future.  

“I don’t want everybody to think Dontae was something that he wasn’t,” Marcus Hampton, Brentwood Alumni Chapter Kappa League Chairman.  

Fellow Kappa League students at McGavock High School gathered Monday afternoon to remember their classmate and friend.  

“Dontae was one of the best athletics to ever probably come through McGavock High school and good student,” Kappa League member Shelton Hawkins said.  “Great friend to whoever knew him.”  

Dontae Drew, 18, number 44 on the McGavock High School football team, had all the tools he needed to succeed, and Kappa League played a big part of it.  

“Sophomore year he was trying to do better and get his grades up and actually tried to go to college,” said Kappa League member Kyle Martin.  

This was Drew’s fourth year of being a member of the Kappa League Guide Right mentoring program, which is part of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.  

“We’re there, my fraternity brother and I, we’re there to give guidance and oversight to help make a difference and to fill in the blanks for them,” said Brentwood Alumni Chapter member Billy Dee Williams.  

The students came up with their own motto, “To build the next generation of leaders, through education, community service and achievement.”  

But Thursday night, Drew was driving along Dickerson Pike when a white pickup truck pulled up next to him and opened fire.  He ended up wrecking his vehicle and later died.  

Metro Police believe this was a targeted shooting, although the motive is unclear.  There were two other passengers in the back seat.  They were not injured.  

“This is the worst news anybody can ever expect,” Hampton said.  “You watch these young men become men right before your eyes and you watch them disappear so easily. In a tragic moment, they are gone.”  

Hampton said people in Nashville should be outraged.  

“Where are the protestors, where’s the NAACP, where’s the Urban League, where’s the mayor, where’s the governor,” Hampton said.  “If this would have happened at the hands of a police officer, the streets would be flooded with people.”  

It’s ironic, Drew and his fellow Kappa League members at McGavock held an anti-violence rally last April, encouraging students to be safe during the summer. 

“The whole purpose of that was to promote anti-violence, gun violence, any violence and just keep people coming back,” Kappa League member Kevin Cavallo said.  “Like, we don’t want to see this happen to nobody else or anybody else in the community.  We want everybody in the community to be safe and stay away, don’t be a follower, be a leader.”  

Drew’s funeral will be held this Thursday at Mount Zion Church, Antioch location.  Visitation will from 11 a.m. to Noon, followed by a homegoing service.  

The Kappa League students will be pallbearers and the football team will be honorary pallbearers.