Watch the News 2 Special above: “Mayor Barry: A Mother’s Loss”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and her husband, Bruce, are opening up about losing their only child to an overdose in a News 2 special this weekend.

Max Barry died in late July in a suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. He was 22.

In a heartfelt conversation with News 2’s Bob Mueller, Mayor Barry talks about how the community supported and comforted her and her husband and how people continue to do so.

“Bruce said it best at Max’s funeral, that the counterweight to grief is community, and boy, we felt it, and I still get to feel it,” she said.

The mayor continued, “Bruce isn’t out in the public as much and even last night at the Predators game, I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen since Max’s death who want to give you that love, comfort, and support. It’s still such a comfort to have that.”MORE: Mayor Megan Barry returns to work, shares more on son’s death

Both Mayor Barry and her husband Bruce have been open about talking about Max’s death since their sudden loss, but the couple said they don’t want it to define his life.

The mayor said she misses her son’s laugh and smile the most.

“I’ll say his laugh and his smile – that’s the one that I see when I shut my eyes, is him smiling and laughing,” she told News 2. “I was struck the other day when I was drinking my coffee. We have a door jamb where we marked his growth and the inches that he grew, and I was looking at that while I was drinking my coffee the other day and thinking about how big he became and just remembering his smile.”