Maury Co. neighborhood turns vacant lot into community center, park


MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Its Homecoming in the small village of Sandy Hook in Maury County.

It’s a potluck picnic, silent auction, and down-home fun all wrapped in a Memorial Day weekend.

“For the past 15 years, we’ve had weddings, and birthday parties, family reunions, in addition to the Sandy Hook reunion we have every year,” said Kathy Gandy with the Sandy Hook Area Community Club.

The Sandy Hook Community Center and Park sits on three acres where the Sandy Hook school used to be located.

Steve Kelley and Ray Bassham remember playing baseball on the field where area little league teams still practice and play.

“I was here every Monday and Wednesday. We played on Tuesday and Friday, so we were here playing the whole time,” said Kelley.

After the school closed, Maury County turned over the vacant lot to the Sandy Hook Area Community Club. They built the community center, park, and playground with help from the Mt. Pleasant Rotary Club.

Rotarian Charles Gandy lives in Sandy Hook.

“It’s basically our property as long as we keep it up and keep it community-oriented,” said Gandy.

If not, the facility becomes county property and aging caretakers are worried.

“Members of the Sandy Hook Community club go around and do all of the work here. They do all the mowing, clean up, they keep up with who wants to rent the facility and they’ve done an outstanding job here,” said Former County Commissioner Tommy Wolaver.

“We’re old and too old to do it all. If we can get a few to work and continue to work it, we can do our part as well,” said Gandy.

The club hopes the younger people in the area keep the park in community hands by providing care and maintenance.

“This is a real plus for Maury County not only because it’s a nice park, but it’s taken care of and it costs Maury County citizens nothing,” said Wolaver.

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