Massive Nashville neighborhood sees rash of home, car break-ins

Jessica Jaglois - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - A Nashville neighborhood ravaged by the May 2010 flood is now being targeted by burglars.

River Plantation is a massive development in Bellevue. In the last month, there have been at least four home break-ins and numerous car break-ins.

Homeowners are now trying to reclaim their neighborhood, taking matters into their own hands.

Armed with a police scanner in her car, one woman who chose not to be identified patrols the huge neighborhood.

"I do about four of these runs a day in the car and then I walk some of it," she told News 2.

She said she does the patrols because there's been little to no official notification about a recent rash of neighborhood break-ins.

"There's elderly who live within this section who are unaware that this is even going because no one's told them," the woman said. "That's scary.

Another homeowner said he got a call from his wife on Monday saying their back window was smashed.

"I was concerned about her safety, my daughter's safety, that was it," he said.

The family called 911 and when police arrived they found they had been burglarized. Three flat screen TVs, a computer, and a Kindle, all gone.

"The house was in just disarray. It's more of an invasion of space than it is the items. I just want to see my family safe," the homeowner told news 2.

The River Plantation Facebook group shows there have been at least four home break-ins in the past month, prompting the patrols and meetings between residents.

"This is not the area this usually happens in, so something has to be done," a neighbor said.

Many residents here say they don't want to bring negative attention to the neighborhood, but others told News 2 they want awareness so people will know to use extra caution and look out for suspicious activity.

News 2 has been pursuing this story since last November. At that time, Metro police said people were taking buses to River Plantation to commit crimes.

We left messages for the homeowner association but have not gotten a response.

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