Mansfield University introduces virtual reality to students


MANSFIELD, PA (WETM) — In 2020, we are beginning to see new ways that students are learning through advanced technology. One of those ways is through virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a trending technology that allows people to interact with 3D worlds.

Mansfield University is bringing virtual reality to their students by allowing them to utilize their virtual reality lab to enhance their education.

“The reason why we built the laboratory was because we felt that it bridged the gap between content and real life. If we can augment and enhance that educational experience, that’s what we wanted to do,” said Dr. Joshua Battin , the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Mansfield University.

Students in multiple disciplines are able to get the practice that they need through virtual reality. For example, police cadets are able to use the lab to get ‘real-world’ training.

Battin also said that virtual reality is getting cheaper and the best headsets with computers cost about $5,000.

“We made it available so students, faculty and staff, can come to us and say we found this in our discipline, “said Battin.

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