Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to descend on downtown Nashville for the NFL Draft, and many of them will likely be taking scooters.

“I got to get down here on a scooter to see the Browns,” said Peter Bush.

“I’ll be scootering down for the Patriots,” said Corey Gingras.

“I’ll be scooting downtown absolutely,” said Marc Weinreich. “”We’ll have fan bases from every team in the entire league, it’s going to be crazy.”

With the expected influx of two-wheeled traffic, Lyft officials said ithe company will create designated scooter pick-up zones called ‘Ride and Scoot’ just outside of downtown.

The locations so far include midtown at 16th Avenue and Broadway and East Nashville at 6th and Woodland Street.

“I think it makes it easier for locals to get down here,” said Corey Gingras.

The idea is people can rideshare to the pick-up zones, scoot downtown, scoot back, then rideshare back to their parked cars.

“By offering a multimodal mix of both scooters and rideshare – including shared rides – we believe that Lyft can help create a better flow of traffic while also establishing safer streets,” said Lyft in a statement to News 2.

But some people said those riding the scooters may hurt traffic more than they can help.

“Really depends on the people on them, causing problems for people sometimes,” said Bush.

According to the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission, no scooters will be allowed inside the footprint of the Draft.

Lyft tells News 2, it will have numerous ambassadors patrolling zones to keep entryways clear.

For those who haven’t ridden scooters before, there will be free on-site training.

It’ll be a free, five-minute ride within a parking lot, and will include hands-on instructions regarding safety checks and proper riding techniques.

Participants also will receive a free helmet.

It’ll be Thursday and Friday of the NFL Draft at the midtown ‘Ride and Scoot’ location from 11 am to 4 pm.