Man with snake carjacks Millersville couple


PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Millersville couple has a frightening experience after police say a man with a snake makes threats and then carjacks them.

Portland Police say the man is extremely dangerous and is now finally in custody.

It all boiled over Tuesday evening October 8th at the BP gas station in Portland at 109 and Fountain Head Road.

It’s here that the man who was traveling with a snake and 2 dogs allegedly pulled a knife on the couple and stole their car.

The man is identified as Abdel Hejazi.

Video surveillance from the BP station shows the man violently push a woman out of the way. He then takes her car and drives off.

You cannot see it in the video, but police say he’s armed with a knife. He also tells the couple he has a gun, which they never see.

In just moments the suspect speeds away with the couple’s 2013 KIA. It is later recovered in Lexington with all the couple’s possessions taken.

Lt. Jason Williams says, “We got several 911 calls, about a vehicle being stolen, and someone possibly being stabbed so our officers responded.”

While investigating the 30-year-old on charges of aggravated robbery, assault and carjacking, Portland Police come across multiple images of the 30-year-old on social media. The photos show Hejazi posing with a snake around his neck. He is holding a
rifle and he is on stage at a downtown honky-tonk.

Det Jason Williams says, “and he told them a story he’d been to Vanderbilt receiving cancer treatment. He claims his car was broken down in Nashville and he needed a ride back.”

According to investigators, Hejazi met the couple in Nashville where he convinced them to give him a ride to Kentucky.

Along the way, he began making threatening statements that made the couple uncomfortable.

Jason Williams says, “He made some claims of violence, and said he’d been involved in violence in Nashville. That prompted them to get away from him. He claimed to have a gun. They didn’t see a gun. But he obviously had a knife they saw.”

After Hejazi steals the car, police get multiple calls for help. Here is one from the victim.

911: 911 what’s the location of your emergency.

victim: someone just stole my car. I don’t know where I am at. I was giving him a ride. I told him he had to get out. I found out he was wanted for murder. so he jumped in my car, attacked me, jumped in my car and took off.

911: say he is wanted for murder?

victim: that is what he said, and he said he had a gun.

Detective Jason Williams says, “it seems pretty volatile. He’s a good person to have off the streets.”

News 2 has learned that Lexington Law Officers arrested the 30 years. His charges include kidnapping, burglary, theft, strangulation and 3 counts of making terrorist threats.

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