DONELSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Residents in several Donelson neighborhoods said they’re living in fear, not sleeping at night, because the same man keeps breaking into their homes, often with an ax.

“He’s terrorizing us… He’s coming out of the woods, he’s got a hatchet, he’s got a machete, he’s breaking into multiple homes and cars,” said Merry Oaks resident Tammy Hale.

Surveillance video from several neighbors shows the same man, holding either a hammer or an ax, breaking into homes often at night, but recently in broad daylight.

The man also broke into the Christian Believers of Donelson Church early Sunday morning, according to several neighbors.

One video obtained by News 2 shows the man entering a home and then leaving with a suitcase full of expensive items.

He’s shown up on Peter De La Cruz’s property four times in the last three weeks.

“He stole some laptops out of my basement storage twice now, so I think he realized there’s more to get… I work on them and sell them.” De La Cruz told News 2.

De La Cruz said he’s watched the man hide on the side of his house with a hammer, waiting for him to come out.

“I came out the front as he waited and waited and as I came out the front door with a pistol, he was at the end of the driveway when I chased him,” De La Cruz said.

The problem is that the neighborhoods are very wooded. Several neighbors told News 2 the man runs into the woods when confronted.

“I get up all hours of the night and look out the window,” Hale said.

“This guy he has no fear of any individual and now as he’s carrying and ax and other weapons like that, people should not go up to him,” De La Cruz advised.

Metro police detectives are currently pursuing leads on about a dozen reports filed, so far. They said it’s happening in Donelson and Hermitage.

Police ask anyone who has been a victim to this man to file a police report and be sure to tell the officer to “CC” Hermitage investigations on the report. If you see the man call 615-862-8600. If it is an emergency and you feel threatened, call 911.