Man uses fake cashier’s check to scam another Hendersonville car dealership


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville police are searching for a man they say used a fake cashier’s check and fake driver’s license to buy a car.

“He was given the keys,” said Connie McCaslin, owner of Greenlite Car Sales. “He signed his documents and left the store with the vehicle.”

On July 16th, McCaslin says the man who goes by the name “James L. Henry” purchased a 2015 Ford Fusion from her dealership.

“It was a nice car,” McCaslin said. “Leather inside.”

The man negotiated a price then got a cashier’s check for $14,611.25 from U.S. Bank, according to McCaslin.

“There’s two signatures on it,” she said. “There was no reason for us to think that it was not real.”

He also used an Alabama driver’s license.

“His license looked real,” McCaslin said.

However, both were fake, according to police.

Police say it’s the same man who conned a Smyrna car dealership earlier this month.

News 2 covered the story.

Smyrna police say he used a fake cashier’s check to buy an $18,000 Dodge Charger.

Again, using a fake Alabama driver’s license.

“He just went from one end of the town to the other to try to swindle a car out of someone,” McCaslin said.

The owner says one of her workers saw the story and recognized him.

“There was no doubt,” she said. “It was like ‘oh my, there he is.'”

Smyrna and Hendersonville police are investigating but can’t find the suspect.

Co-owner John McCaslin says although the car is insured, it’s still a big loss.

“Return to us what was wrongfully taken,” he said.

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