Man scammed out of $1,600 by man posing as musician


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — People like Wes Barnes hang out downtown Broadway to hear good music or to play their own.

“I play a lot of music,” Barnes said. “I’m out to meet a lot of musicians.”

“I jump up on stage with people that are playing.”

Barnes says that he thought nothing of it when a man approached him on Broadway Sunday night and asked him to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

“I pulled out my phone and touched on the app,” Barnes said. “I couldn’t understand who he wanted me to subscribe to so I let him type it in.”

Barnes got his phone back seconds later but says the man quickly disappeared.

“As soon as I look back up at him, he had turned and walked away and just kind of blended in with the crowd,” he said.

He checked his phone and everything seemed okay until the next day.

“There it was,” he said. “Everything I had.”

His bank account had been wiped out.

“He went straight to my Cash App and cash app’d himself and his friend $800 each,” Barnes said.

“I kicked myself. Hindsight you know, you make mistakes.”

Barnes, who plays guitar and harmonica, says it’s pretty normal for musicians to use YouTube or social media like a business card.

“It’s pretty much ‘here check out my Facebook page,'” Barnes said.

Meanwhile, Metro police are investigating.

Barnes wants to send a strong message to anyone who gets approached with the same line.

“Make sure all your cash apps are locked,” Barnes said.

“Just be careful. Things are gonna happen. Just prevent them.”

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