NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man says he was attacked for his birthday hat after a woman mistook it for President Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.  

Daniel Sprague, a retired police officer from New York, says he was visiting Nashville for his 50th birthday. He told News 2 that his wife gifted him with a MAGA-style hat that said, “Make Fifty Great Again.”  

He was wearing the hat Friday night at The Stage on Broadway, where his wife threw him a surprise party. He said around 10 O’clock, a woman interrupted a conversation he was having and when he turned around, she punched him in the face. The punch left behind a bloody cut.

He says he isn’t sure if it was a ring or she was holding keys. Sprague explained that the woman then grabbed his hat and started yelling ‘how dare you.’  

He said security quickly separated the two and the woman left before he was able to press charges.  

However, he did however file a police report the following day and now he hopes she is found.  

“To get that upset for what she perceived to be a make America great hat, just to lash out at somebody there’s a problem there you know? I mean it’s just not right in any form or fashion. She obviously has a lot of anger and issues and before she, you know, does something that’s really going to change her life I hope she is arrested and she gets the help she needs,” he said.  

Sprague said police are reviewing surveillance footage at the downtown bar. He added that he will be back to Nashville and will continue to wear his hat saying, “this is just one misguided fool.”