NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man has died after Metro police said he jumped from a moving tractor-trailer traveling on Interstate 40 in Nashville.

Metro police previously reported the victim, identified as 41-year-old Steven Carney of Joelton, jumped onto a moving semi-truck around 9:45 p.m. in North Nashville near 28th Avenue North.

An update sent out by Metro police Tuesday afternoon states that the driver reported seeing Carney standing on the side of the interstate trying to stop vehicles. The MNPD release goes on to state Carney, for “reasons unknown,” jumped onto the tractor-trailer.

Steven Carney, 41 (Metro Nashville Police Department)

Investigators said Carney hung on to the truck’s rear-view mirror and tried to pull the cab’s door open, but it was locked.

According to Metro police, the driver of the truck believed he was about to be robbed and began driving at speeds between 15-30 mph, hoping Carney would eventually jump off the truck.

Authorities said he either jumped or fell from the truck.

The truck driver stopped on I-40 near McCory Lane and Carney was found a few hundred yards back on the roadway.

Metro police officers on the scene told News 2 Carney was killed but later clarified he was critically injured. On Wednesday morning, police confirmed that Carney had passed away from his injuries.

The incident could be linked to a dangerous “game” previously reported in Atlanta that appears to have made its way to Nashville.

Atlanta police issued a warning last week regarding “stowaways” on moving tractor-trailers after several incidents on Georgia highways.

“We realize this may come as a surprise to some, but riding on the outside of a semi-truck that is going 65 to 75 mph, or any moving vehicle on I-285, I-75 or any other road, at any speed, is a death wish of sorts.

These acts put not only the “stow away” clinging to the massive truck at risk, but the drivers behind and next to the violated truck, are also in danger. If the person getting the “free ride” loses their balance and falls off, or jumps off the moving vehicle, they will almost certainly be struck by other cars that are nearby, possibly injuring other drivers, and causing a multi-car collision as others try to avoid being in the fray. This hazardous buffoonery by Atlanta’s wayward souls will not be tolerated. There is nothing humorous about jeopardizing the safety of drivers or persons.

Atlanta Police Department