NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man was arrested after police responded to a report Thursday night of a gun at a downtown Nashville strip club.

According to an arrest warrant, two security guards were working out front at Déjà Vu club on Church Street. Police said after 11 p.m., Phillip Woods, 51, stopped in the middle of the street and started yelling at one of the bouncers about money he believed was owed to him.

At one point, Woods left his car, and authorities said surveillance video captured them arguing. A witness reportedly told police they heard Woods say to the victim, “I’m going to shoot you” multiple times.

An affidavit says Woods punched the bouncer, who then tackled him to the ground. When he did, officials say a gun then fell from Woods’ hand to the ground.

Woods was later taken into custody but told officers that the victim assaulted him first. However, Metro Police said video surveillance clearly showed Woods strike the victim first. He was arrested for assault.