Man breaks into Nashville bakery, doesn’t get away with much dough


NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Inside Baked on 8th, there’s cookies, cakes, and pastries. But Wednesday morning, employees found a not-so-sweet surprise when they got to work.

Bakery owner Adam Carmean said someone used a large rock to shatter the glass front door of his business.

“It was a good tool for it. It went all the way across the building. We found it against that wall over there, which is about 20 feet away from the front door,” Carmean said.

When Carmean checked his security cameras, he saw someone bust the glass, duck inside the store, and run to the cash register. But that person ended up running away empty-handed.

“We don’t keep cash in the building, luckily, so they didn’t take anything. Then, they left the building and ran through the parking lot,” Carmean said.

Carmean said this is the second time someone has broken in since last September. Metro Police confirm someone busted a window on the back side of the building eight months ago, but also didn’t steal anything. Between both incidents, Carmean estimated he’s had to pay about $1,500 in damages.

“It’s annoying, and it’s an inconvenience, and it feels a little violating. But at the end of the day the door was replaced in a few hours and we’re back to business. We’re just glad it wasn’t worse,” Carmean said.

Carmean wants to remind other local businesses to stay vigilant and take steps ahead of time to prevent valuables from being taken.

“Mostly we just want the businesses in the area to know it happened. If you keep cash in the building, lock it up, take it home,” Carmean said. “I just hope that nothing worse happens to one of our neighbors as far as losing merchandise or money.”

If you know anything about the break-ins at Baked on 8th, call our partners at Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME.

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