NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Drivers we spoke to in the Goodlettsville area are ready, excited for the improvements that should ease traffic around exits along Interstate 65.

“For the last several years, it really gets congested coming up from the south going North as the afternoon traffic hits, the part that narrows down to 2 lanes,” said Brent Poulton, who drives the interstate often.

He has his eyes on the plan that includes widening more than 25 miles of I-65 in Davidson, Robertson, and Sumner Counties. The existing route is primarily two lanes in each direction. The plan includes adding three 12-foot travel lanes on both sides.

It’s welcomed news for someone like Poulton who travels the route to Kentucky to see his granddaughter.

“I have a granddaughter who lives up north, and we bring her down here five times a year, so that’s a lot of trips up and down the highway,” he explained.

Currently, the engineering stages are underway for the stretch he uses from Goodlettsville. 

“It’s going to be great for me. I’ll have to suffer through the construction stages, but once that’s done it will make life a lot simpler,” he smiled.

TDOT officials say the planned widening will address congestion, improve safety and traffic operations, and accommodate current and future traffic demands.

In addition to the travel lanes, TDOT officials say they will add 12-foot paved outside shoulders, 12-foot paved inside shoulders and a concrete median barrier wall where required.

Two northbound truck climbing lanes will be constructed, one between mile markers 99 and 100 and another between mile markers 102 and 104. An auxiliary lane will also be added in each direction between the interchanges of Rivergate Parkway (Exit 96) and SR 174 (Long Hollow Pike, Exit 97) to accommodate traffic exiting and entering the roadway.

Due to its size, the corridor will be divided into several phases. 

  • From Rivergate Parkway to near SR 41 (US 31W)
  • From near SR 41 (US 31W) to near SR 257 (Bethel Road)
  • From SR 257 (Bethel Road) to SR 25 (Main Street)
  • From near SR 25 (Main Street) to near SR 109
  • From SR 109 to Kentucky State Line – completed

The section of I-65 between SR 25 and SR 109 is the next section to begin construction. TDOT plans to open bids for the project in August.

TDOT officials say the plan is moving forward thanks to IMPROVE Act dollars.