LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As the state continues to mourn the loss of the three fallen Baton Rouge officers, Louisiana is now the first state to implement a “Blue Lives Matter” law.

“I think it should be a federal law personally,” said resident Aaron Darouse, “I think this is something that should come from the white house.”

Monday over 400 new laws went into effect in the state of Louisiana.

One of them titled “Blue Lives Matter” will make it a hate-crime to target police officers and other first responders.

“I think it’s the greatest thing,” said Darouse, “Our police officers are there to protect us and our community and our children. Any crime, I feel, committed against police is nothing but a hate-crime.”

Since the killing of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge community members across Acadiana have been wanting to show their support for local officers.

Darouse said he has been encouraging his kids to show respect to every officer they see.

“We support the blue,” said Darouse, “I’m teaching my children anytime we see a police officer to go and introduce themselves and for our children to tell our police officers that we support them.”

“I think in light of things that have happened not only locally here in Louisiana but on the national level, those working in the legislature felt that some type of protection needed to be afforded to first responders,” said Lafayette Police Public Information Officer Paul Mouton, “We feel fortunate that we have this added protection, these added consequences in the event that someone does try to take action against first responders.”

Although Louisiana is the first state to implement this law, at least 37 other states have enhanced their penalties for assaulting police officers.