Woman says state trooper neighbor is harassing her family

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A woman says a state trooper is harassing her and she has the video to prove it.  
Alene Ray says the lieutenant is her next-door neighbor and she wants the harassment to stop.  
Ray says the video captured last Friday shows Lt. William Matsunaga’s unmarked state trooper vehicle in a visitor space outside their residence in Hendersonville and you can see him intentionally get in, turn around and park so close to her that she can’t get in her car. 
“He pulls out, turns around, pulls in facing forward and then backs up again and gets as close to my vehicle as he can and then goes behind the vehicle and takes a picture. You can see in the video. He can’t even pull up all the way because his mirror would have knocked my mirror off,” Ray explained.  
She says she purchased the video surveillance after a number of run ins from Lt. Matsunaga and his wife.  

“He did this a day after I filed a harassment report about he and his wife with the Hendersonville Police Department and I feel like the timing wasn’t a coincidence.”  
An incident report filed with police states that Matsunaga followed Ray’s daughter to the dumpster and asked if her mom has physically abused her.  
“He came out purposely just to follow her down by the building where I couldn’t see and questioned her. He was asking leading questions like, ‘Does your mom beat you? if your mom beats you, you can tell me or Erika, do you have anything to tell me?'”  
Ray says her nine-year-old daughter no longer feels safe outside alone.  
“I think that he’s petty, which as a lieutenant, I don’t feel like he should be acting like that. I want him and his wife just to leave me and my daughter alone. I’m not going to live like this and keep being harassed. I want to teach my daughter to feel safe around police not scared to live next to one,” she explained.  

The Tennessee Highway Patrol told News 2 they received the information earlier this week and are actively investigating, saying they take complaints like this seriously.  

News 2 has learned that Matsunaga was promoted about a year ago and that he is assigned to the research, planning and development division.  

About a month before that promotion a lawsuit was filed against Matsunaga for unlawful arrest.  

That lawsuit is still active. 

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